Sundays In My City~ Mountain Play

The other day, Beebo asked why there were pizza stores? Holy question Batman- my poor deprived children do not even know about pizza delivery!! Eek! So we rectified that speedily...

Thanks for letting us borrow the town address! Pizza delivery was good! (We live rurally, if you have just become a follower!)

So was the view! Three Sisters, Canmore Alberta.

The Head. A whole blog post waiting to happen. I can't remember the exact reasoning behind the artists interpretation, so i'll leave that for another time. Let's just say, this is one puzzling piece of artwork to tourists AND locals alike.

Hoodoos! Mushroom shaped pillars of glacial silt and clay.

The Bow Falls, Banff Alberta.

This tree was growing right out of this rock!

Giving the bear some luvin'!

Canadians WILL appreciate this shot. The local Hudson's Bay outpost. Beautiful.

Rundle Mountain.

More's a big one!

Yamnuska--you might recognize this from 'Legends of the Fall' or 'Brokeback Mountain'?

Bliss, after a long day.

Sure hoping you'll hop over to Unknown Mami, to see what else is up this Sunday!
Unknown Mami

Have a fantastic week!


Sonya said…
WOW fantastic photos this week!! the view is beautiful and I just LOVE where you live.
The Kloeppings said…
oh so jealous! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Banff, Canmore and that whole area and can't wait to go back and show Noah some day. Hubs and I took a trip back in 04 and that's where he decided to propose right in the shadow of Mt. Rundle! Your photos bring back lots of memories!
Gorgeous! I can't wait to see Canada! Have a wonderful Sunday!
Gibby said…
Gorgeous! We were just in Banff in January for a family wedding. I think it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.
I like the head. I don't know the story behind it, but I dig it.
Rebecca said…
Now, I know why you live in Canada. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing your world with us!

And pizza delivery, I'm pretty sure my kids have no idea what pizza delivery is either......Must Order Pizza Delivery!
SymaK. said…
That head sure is puzzling. And a little disturbing too, if you ask me.
Glad the kids got pizza delivered!
Unknown said…
oh MAN, I still, and always want a Hudson's Bay Blanket. How can I be Canadian and NOT have one??
starnes family said…
So jealous of where you live!!!!!
Melani said…
YUmmy, I love pizza!

What a beautiful place you live in!

Love the head! Can't wait for that post!
Melissa said…
Gorgeous photos!! I have friends in Alberta and a few years ago I went out and we spent a weekend camping in Hinton, AB and spent an entire day roaming around Jasper. I went to Athabasca Falls and I think that was my favourite part of the whole trip.
Unknown said…
hmmm i'd like to apologize...there was one more comment on here. i saw that it was from 'anonymous' and it came in the same time as another spam.
i clicked delete but then realized it was in regards to my spelling/grammatic error in the word depraved/deprived.
very sorry to whomever left the message-i did not purposely delete your comment.
Anonymous said…'s all good, Sam!

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