Remember the "Head"?

You know, this head?

Well on Saturday night, myself and a few ladies visited the head once again.
(Mommy Night Out In Canmore!)

Don't we look like an album/cd cover?


How could I forget that head?

I love that picture of you guys.
Nancy C said…
You totally do. You look like a smart-girl band, but totally awesome at the same time.
Rebecca said… should try to sell that shot to a record label.
Melani said…
I love it! You do look like an awesome all chick rock -n-roll band, I would buy your CD for sure!
Matty said…
Actually, you're right. It does look like a cover picture. Hope you enjoyed your free time out.
CalgaryDaddy said…
A night out in Cochrane? lol... Mckays Ice Cream and Ducks on the roof? I love Cochrane...I am just teasing you. never seen that head thing though.

Unknown said…
@Shane--no, Canmore.
Unknown said…
I like how it turned all golden in the evening photograph. Cool. Glad you guys had fun. Rosemary

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