Being Greener

On being greener...
how awesome is it that we can eat a bag of chips
(Sun Chips is the only brand at the moment)
and simply throw the bag away into the compost heap??

I think it's an idea worth eating a whole bunch of chips over!

Enjoy, a little more 'guilt' free!

go green

Check out Menopausal New Mom's tips on "Going Green", for cleaning and all other things!


I LOVE sun chips brand and love em even more now that they are on the go green trail :)

They get our seal of approval hands down!
Heather said…
I have always loved these chips, and now they will be the only brand I buy if I can help it. Now that we have a compost bin, it's all good!
Rebecca said…
After you eat the chips, you should bury the bag and take bi-weekly photos of the decomposition...or whatnot?!
Unknown said…
hmmm good idea Rebecca!
Unknown said…
At least you are getting a little SUNSHINE in your lives this way. How is the snow? Is Beebo giving up on the soccer idea with so many weather cancellations?
Unknown said…
Nope--she got to play on Monday and she was totally into it. Post soon, with vid.
Oh yeah! I'm a chips fiend and I appreciate the compostable bag.
Okay, I'm OBSESSED with Sunchips... esp. after a few cocktails. My FAV FAV FAV is Garden Salsa... have you had it? TO DIE FOR!!
Urban Girl said…
these are great! did you hear how the bags were too noisy for the U.S. so they had to repackage them?

glad companies are thinking of inventive things like this!

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