Origin of 'SamiJoe'

Kat at Today's Cliche (if you haven't checked it out, it is a fab his/her blog!) was asking how i acquired the name 'SamiJoe'. So i thought this might be a great way to introduce myself to all of my newcomers !!

Recognize this lady?

Did you know that her 'breakout role' was playing a character named, Sammy Jo Carrington on the show Dynasty (1981-1989)?

Well, being a child born in 1977... with the name 'Samantha', my mother lovingly adorned me with this nickname (at least i HOPE adoringly, i don't know much about the character!). Let's just say she was a fan of Dynasty. No one called me this name at school; nor anywhere else. Just my mom.

Fast forward to years later, when i needed an online Username. SamiJoe just seemed to fit. Obviously the spelling is different (Sammy Jo vs. SamiJoe); however, there is just something not me in Sammy. And Jo just didn't seem quite finished. I also dropped the space entirely and added an 'e' to Joe.

I guess i'm allowed to spell it however i want i have no real reasons for changing the spelling of my nickname at all. I guess i would hate for people to think i call myself that, because i think i have any likeness to Heather Locklear at all! LOL I am definitely NOT nicknamed SamiJoe because i look like her. See?

That said, she's not a bad looking chiquita to be nicknamed after. Except for maybe THAT hairdo.


Ashley said…
So, does everyone in "real life" still call you Samantha or has SamiJoe evolved? I think it is cute. And I totally think you should adopt that hair-do too!
SamiJoe said…
Most people call me Sam. Some Sami.
I usually only hear Samantha from my hubby or 'teacher' types.
Frau said…
God I remember Dynasty back in the day! I love the name Sam very cool. Funny how you have names only some people call you. I'm a Kathleen and only family and some old friends call me that. My husband is the only one calling me Kath and every once in a while someone calls me that and it seems weird...I'm mostly just Kathy and of coarse as of last 2 years Frau. I love making up my own nick names for people my daughter can't keep straight when I'm talking to her. Have a great weekend...SJ!
SamiJoe said…
you're the only one that calls me SJ!
Lee Ann said…
Lol I always forget that you aren't actually called Sami! I guess it is because I have never actually been around you in real life to head you be called anything else. I only remember you are usually Sam when Keri addresses you on the birth club. Because she foes know you irl.

Sorry for the ramble , I have no excuse!
Rebecca said…
You are much prettier !!
Ocean Girl said…
I like SamiJoe. Simple, complete, and has a very nice smile.
Matty said…
I like nicknames, and Matty has been mine for many years. Love your smile.
starnes family said…
Cute story.....and the name is cute.....as are you! She aint got nothing on you.
Unknown Mami said…
I love the background.
I love this story. I love nicknames that have meaning!

Now I know the reason! Thanks SamiJoe! ;)
Thanks for clearing that up ;) I like the nickname, I think it suits you! I'm known as Jenny to my childhood friends even though I'm not a fan if the name.

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