A Plea for YOUR Help!

Four years ago, i met some ladies through an online birthclub. All members had kiddos born in March or April of 2006. A few of us live in the same country, and only a handful have ever met. We began chatting about the BabyWhispering ways; they kindly hosted our lovely group, but eventually, we found ourselves becoming fast friends and realized our daily 'chats' were necessary and trusted. (Thus, we made our own site just for us!) You know, sometimes you tell your online buds things, because facing those close to us is sometimes difficult? We have shared our joys and tribulations of raising kids, of operations and illnesses, bad sleep, good sleep, baby-led weaning...and perhaps, even a story or two about bikini waxes. They are some of the bestest friends i have ever had and i truly thank my lucky stars for opening myself up to them. I could not have asked for a better support system ever.

All that said, today i am coming to you (my loyal readers!) with a plea for your vote. You see, one of these special ladies i told you about is in the final stages of a contest! She has lost an amazing 30lbs and is leading a much healthier lifestyle. Her awesomeness knows no bounds (thx duckie!) and we are so very proud of her efforts. The kicker--her hubby just spent the last year in a battle with Leukemia. We pray for his continued health everyday and would love to see her win one of the trips up for grabs. It would be a fantastic way for them to relax after such a hard year. I cannot think of two better people that YOU should help support.

So, if you have a few minutes to spare, please vote for SONJA CLARK. The voting is simple and the sponsors have promised no spam. You WILL get an email and you WILL need to click on the link it contains, or your vote will NOT count.

Take the Challenge 2010: Round 3

Voting will run from Friday, May 7th, 2010 to Wednesday, May 12th, 2010. One vote per email address. If you feel inclined to use ALL your email addys, i'd be eternally grateful. (...and so would Sonja!)




Thanks so much, Sami!
With your following, maybe this is just what I need to hopefully scoop first place for votes!

If any of your readers read the comments, I'll let them know little deets like:

50% is the online vote
12.5% is our percentage of weightloss (I'm in third place)
12.5% is our inches lost (I'm in third place here too)
50% is split between points for every time we've used the gym (I think I'm in first or second place for this), sponsor votes (I think they like me! lol), and other things in which we have participated (a walkathon, serving at a 50s diner this weekend, etc)

Thanks so much, Sami!
I appreciate this more than you can imagine!
Crisc said…
She looks GREAT. I voted but sadly I don't have the gym here that's on the coupon. Congrats to her on the weight loss.

What message board are you on?
Unknown said…
We use Proboards.

THX for voting!!!!
Tara said…
No need to credit me (though I do love a good shout out)...her awesomeness really DOES know no bounds!

(Off to blog a plea from my readers. Y'know...my mom, my mother in law and one cousin...)
I voted!

Happy Mother's Day!
Unknown said…
Thanks Mami!

happy Mother's day to you too!

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