May Two-Four

Eeeeee-the greenhouse is full!
(Read: My jungle of a house is now empty!)
The cucumbers and tomatoes are growing where they should be...
and NOT falling onto my carpets anymore.

In Canada, this upcoming weekend marks our first LONG weekend of the summer! (And hopefully bidding farewell to snow till AT LEAST October!) We lovingly refer to this weekend as, May Two-Four; while it's nickname suggest we'll spend the weekend drinking lots of beer, the original purpose of the holiday is to celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday! (I know, kinda silly these days, but we are part of the Commonwealth...)

Guess you know where you'll find me?

Yep. With the greenhouse all a-go, the vegetable garden is now ready for its quality time. (I certainly can be laden with beer during this task, tee hee!)

Which brings me to my next question... any tips for me as to what should go where?? You know, like don't plant garlic too close to the bean or peas family as they'll lessen the yield?

Here is what i intend to plant:

Spaghetti Squash
Golden Zucchini
Green Zucchini
Red Potatoes
Onions (2 types)
Mesclun lettuce mix

*Peppers, Tomatoes, Mini-Cukes, Eggplant, Brussel Sprouts are greenhouse items*

Any and all suggestions welcome!

ps~in the last week, the combo of sunshine and rain has left Alberta VERY green! The trees are budding and my allergies are over-the-top! Lovin' the greenery, missing breathing easily.


IASoupMama said…
I have no clue, but I'll be stalking this post because I have the same questions! Although, here, tomatoes and peppers can go outside in a couple of weeks.
Unknown said…
I probably could do the tomatoes outside and definitely have a seedling or two that i could try. I *might* also try a pepper plant outside- but i'm pretty sure it won't make it.

Just found out that i should do marigold's perimetering the garden--helps ward off pests and attracts good buggies!
Nancy C said…
Um.....I can help you drink the beer!
Unknown said…
That would be lovely Nancy! You'd make fine company!
I know nothing about gardening, but I would glad to share a two-four with you in there watching stuff grow!
Unknown said…
Yep, i'm starting to think, that with enough beer--who cares where it all goes!! LOL
Keri said…
Funny, we always called it May Long up here. Maybe it's and AB/ON thing?

Good together (any combo of each):
-tomatoes and asparagus
-potatoes and beans
-beans in the shade of lettuce
-beans with broccoli, carrots and cucumber
-carrots with beans and tomatoes
-cucumber with beans, peas, and cabbage
-onions with carrots, lettuce and peppers
-peas with beans, carrots, and cucumber
-potatoes with beans and peas
-tomatoes with carrots, cucumber, onion and pepper
-tomatoes with marigolds
-rosemary with beans
-oregano with anything

-beans with garlic or onion
-onions with beans or peas
-peas with garlic or onion
-potatoes with tomatoes
-tomatoes with potatoes
Unknown said…
WOW thankyou MamaK!
Joanna Jenkins said…
My green thumb is sorely lacking but I'm very impressed with your garden. I hope you have more fresh vegetables than you know what to do with!
Keri said…
You're welcome... I just expect some more jelly in return! ;)
Unknown said…
@Mama K- for sure! This year i will be proud to say the peppers were grown by me!

btw-i've called it May-Long too! May Two-Four just has a nice ring to it, lol! Or, er..a more fun one!
starnes family said…
I have no suggestions, but one comment: I'm jealous!
Sonya said…
Whe it doubt,google it..thats what I although the person above sure did help out!! I cant wait to see it all growing!
Melani said…
I am way behind in reading/commenting, but I love your greenhouse and I wish I lived close, I would come over and help you garden, I love to garden! :)

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