It's Cleaning Day!~ NEED Motivation!

DaddyO is out AND he took the kids.
I am off to clean the washrooms, mop the floors, scrub some toilets and wipe ENDLESS fingerprints off the glass, walls and doors.
AH, the joys of having children!

Best part- MommyO gets to blast her music!
Since MOST of you probably do not want to hear the wordless house music i have on the go,

G n' R is next on the agenda.



Anonymous said…
Darn! Daddy-O's out and he took the kids...and the best MommyO gets to do is blast her music while cleaning??? I just sometimes wish my "free time" did not involve chores.
Unknown said…
I hear ya. My alone times away from the home, generally are grocery shopping alone. A bit of a perk, but i'm STILL freaking doing chores, LOL!
Anonymous said…
Yay = you... some time alone in the house!!!
Boo = chores ;(

I say, blast those tunes and try not to think about the fact that you're cleaning!!
Marla said…
I love alone time. It is a rare event but I do love it.
I love me some Guns n' Roses! I do not love me some cleaning.
オテモヤン said…
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Traci said…
Yay for an empty house for cleaning time!!! Here's something to cheer you along -- to the PROUDEST Canadien I know (deservedly so!), there is an award for you on my blog.

Thanks for making me smile every time I pop by!
Matty said…
I actually like to clean the house. Just call me Mr. Mom.

I always joke with my wife that some day I'm gonna start my own maid service. Call it Manly Maids, and charge extra for cleaning topless.
Melani said…
I love that song! G & R rock! Can you tell I grew up in the 80's???

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