Sundays In My City~Cut, Cut, Cut

We have to be careful about when we say we'll be wanting to do something--if this guy catches wind of it, he just starts emptying the room!

Helping DaddyO carry things out.

Eating lunch at an end table.

Colouring, and being good little kiddos...

Can we say cut?? OMG--cut, cut and more cutting. Barely room for a roller width!

And another picture of the big big windows! Usually, it is too sunny to have them i guess i got picture happy!

Yes, how many times did we retrieve him from the top of the ladder??

Mostly the same colour family, a few tones deeper.

Almost there!


Difference in colour shown here.
Now we'll need to stain the fir something darker. Any ideas?

Voila! Nothing like slapping on some new paint to refresh a room.

Unknown Mami
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Marla said…
Great job! Love the pictures and the room looks wonderful. The view from your windows is amazing.
Stacie said…
The rooms looks wonderful. I love the windows and I love the color of the paint.
Prairiemaid said…
I love the new paint! I have rooms that need a new look. Wanta help?

Nice pictures!

Have a wonderful week.
Joanna Jenkins said…
Hey Sami Joe, it looks great! But the "ladder picture" stole my heat. What a sweetheart!

Enjoy the new room and have a great week,
Erin said…
Excellent job...looks like you have some great helpers! I love the colors!
BLOGitse said…
oh, that's hard work...but well done!

Happy 'Sunday in My City' greetings from Cairo!

Sonya said…
Wow I love your window and the view coming from it. Your living room looks fantastic!
Melani said…
Love the colors of your home! I love the windows, they are awesome!

Thanks for stopping by!
starnes family said…
Paint can do so much. I love it. I've transformed so many rooms over the years!
JeanetteSchenk said…
Looks great Sam the colour you chose looks so cozy and inviting - I love your big windows!

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