Artwork by Beebo, age *almost* 4

Anything look familiar in this picture??
(psst...it's E.T. going to his spaceship!)


D'Anna said…
Let's see . . . a mushroom, rainbow, fish skeleton, mouse, - - not sure about the pink parts . . .
Anonymous said…
That is sooo cute.

I thought it was a mouse watching a rainbow.
I too, was unsure about the pink parts. LOL

A little Piccasso in the making. ;)
Unknown said…
Yep, i'm unsure about the pink parts or why the spaceship is rainbow....but the E.T. is pretty spot on! Notice his finger is all lit up too??
CalgaryDaddy said…
The fingers look like ET! lol

Now, that I know what it is, it looks just like what it is.
I love that picture. That is so E.T.
D'Anna said…
WOW'zer! That is a great ET! I remember some pics you posted on FB that she had done - a while back - and they were also really good!
The girl has talent and vision . . . gonna take her places! : )

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