Sundays In My City~ A Sprucing Up!

I apologize for not getting my SIMC up until now...
but i had a hockey game to watch (wink wink!)!

Last week, we spruced up the livingroom with a new coat of paint.
This week, we spruced up our kiddos with haircuts.

Bubble blowing (in containers that do not spill--super clever!) and cool chairs to sit in!

Beebo gets a trim. She's not interested in giving up the locks. Xman is in NEED of a cut. His hair is really fine, so i've been worried he'll be patchy.

Xman sat surprisingly well. He was in LOVE with the buzzer and giggled with delight!

Kiddos after their cuts! Beebo even had some hairspray/sparkles in her hair (i couldn't resist buying a can as they make for awesome fairy play) that just shone in the sun. Xman looks like a much older boy...

Love the spikes!

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Anonymous said…
Sam, Their haircuts look great !It does make Xander look alot older.Love MOM.
CanadianMama said…
Where did you go Sam? Chicken goes for a chop every 12 weeks (I hate long hair on boys and his hair grows FAST) and I'm always on the look out for different kid places!

They both look great and you are right X does look much older :)
Anonymous said…
great haircut. blonde way too cute
Joanna Jenkins said…
Congratulations for your hockey victory!

Your kids look gorgeous! What a fun place to get a new "do".

Thanks for sharing your city! Have a great week.

Matty said…
It's when you win that counts. Congratulations.

The kids look super with those super duper cuts.
Sonya said…
Hey I wanna sit in a chair like that and blowing bubbles while I get my hair cut! LOL They look fantastic!

Can you believe the hockey match? Im just glad it was close..we had to make you guys atleast work for
Okay good job Canada!! Kiddos haircut looks so cute! I stayed up way too late watching the was a good one!
Lee Ann said…
Awww so cute! X man does indeed look very grown up! And A must have been super excited with her sparkles!
Unknown said…
CMama~ Melonheads at Sarcee near Costco.

Thanks everyone! It was a SUPER hockey game--right up until the finish!
starnes family said…
We just cut both of our boys' hair SUPER short and they can spike it, too. It's usually their shoulders long. I love the change. Cute, cute!

And, my son would flip over that Thomas set up!
Oh they look adorable with their new haircuts.

BTW, I was watching that hockey game too, I'm sure it took five years off my life!

Yay Canada!
Unknown said…
Our dock mates were less than hospitable, and they were supposedly Kanuks too. Your hubby's updates, minute by minute, kept us abreast of the action in yesterday's game. Thank you so much. Both the A's look amazing with their new dos. Now X and I can compare spikes. :)
Killara girl said…
they look so cute...we had a place like this new us called zippididodas or something like that.i wanted to take the kids there but dh said no way. he's funny like that...he cuts the boys hair and i do the girls's kinda fun...and i'm actually getting better lol.
Unknown said…
I don't do hair--
sometimes their G'ma gives them cuts.
Xman really needed his properly done- a 'real' haircut was in order.
They look great! Sparkles and spikes, what more could you want?
Traci said…
So frigging cute!

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