~Be Mine~

Hard at work, making Valentine's for her Preschool class! Guess she felt like being 'topless'?

Packing them up for school, one last look! So proud!

Each and every one, came personalized with its very own perfectly handwritten-backwards name.

Won't you be mine?

To check out more fabulous ideas for home-made Valentine's, look what these Moms & kiddos did! Meet Keri & Sonja & Jeanette!~


Matty said…
This is one precious memory Sami. Good idea taking the pictures. She's a doll.
Michele said…
That is soooo awesome!!
Those Valentine's are beautiful..

I can't believe how much she looks like Trinity at that age!! Maybe you and I were seperated at birth or something ;)
Charlene said…
So Sweet...Love it! And my son loves to run around in his underwear all the time (I have to throw clothes on him most of the time lol)
Steadfast Ahoy! said…
Is she really writing her name backwards? That is a definite sign of genius!!!
starnes family said…
Love the valentines and the backwards name. Sweet!
SamiJoe said…
Actually, i have no idea why she wrote all 20 of them backwards. She doesn't normally do that- but we also seem to be at a weird spot in her life right now--before her birthday. Sometimes they say you need to forget a few skills temporarily, to learn the new skills...then it all 'apparently' meshes together again.
I'll let you know if it sorts out--last year during a growth spurt she completely could not say her name correctly, for about 10 days. Then poof, there it was again!
Gillian said…
I love handmade Valentines Day cards from my girls!!

They are made with real LURVE!

Thanx for visiting my wee Blog.

Have a great Valentines Day
aka A Daft Scots Lass
Audrey said…
Too cute! There are days topless seems like a really good idea - however I think the boys might freak out :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Unknown Mami said…
They are beautiful and so is she.

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