Who Will Be the Final Torchbearer?

Cindy Klassen~ highly decorated speed skater.

The Great One...nuff said.

Betty Fox. Terry Fox's mother.

Kurt Browning~ figure skater.

David Suzuki~ Environmentalist.

Who will be given this highly coveted role?

I can't wait to see!! There are PLENTY of deserving Canucks!

Guesses Abound!


Jenn said…
I would love it if David Suzuki got the honors, but they are all deserving!! Following you back from follow friday!!
Traci said…
Hey. I know you have been soooo excited. Were you happy with the ceremonies? I'm always in awe of the Olympics -- they make me want to be better at whatever I do.
Opening ceremony was amazing I loved it. Haven't a clue who will but it's so nice to watch them.

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