Music Monday

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I noticed your weather widget -8 and snow...I think I would curl up under a blanket and listen to this music all day! Have a wonderful Monday!
~SHANNON~ said…
Thanks so much for stopping by Sami Joe! It's coooold where you are! Hope your staying warm!
Unknown said…
Rasputin... you're killing me with that! LOL
What a flashback ...
I now have that song stuck in my head, most likely for the rest of the day ;)

Unknown said…
Wanna know a secret? I did not even realize that Boney M was black UNTIL i searched for a video (which btw, i did not think would exist!).
Boo for me. I feel like a complete putz!~
Traci said…
Still love Zombie!!! :-)

Hey thanks again for the award. I passed it on today.

You rock!


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