GroundHog Day

Well, it looks like Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this a.m (meaning 6 more weeks)...but, i am unsure how our "Balzac Billy" did??

Doesn't entirely matter--we can have snow in the middle of summer! The Groundhogs guess is as good as anyone's...

Enjoy this clip from one of my favourite movies!

Did the groundhog see his shadow where you live?


I have no idea if he did or didn't, but I am so tired of cold. Somehow I think all the groundhogs saw their shadows today,lol. More winter for us.
Matty said…
Yep, I see that he saw his shadow. I want SUMMER so bad it hurts. Oh wait, that's just my knee.

Great movie clip. I like that movie.
Nancy C said…
This white stuff is making me miserable. Sun, please come.
shortmama said…
If the groundhog saw his shadow here it wouldnt matter much...the joys of living in AZ!
D'Anna said…
Such a funny movie! Thanks for the clip!

I'm guessing sometime in March we'll start the BIG THAW! : )

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