Canadian Olympian of the Day

In case you didn't know, Canada has hosted the Olympic games three times...YET- we have the dubious honour of never having won a Gold medal on Canadian soil. We have been waiting for so long!

Last night, we saw that yucky cloud hanging over our heads--disappear!~

Alexandre Bilodeau became our 1st Gold Medalist of this games, and has earned himself a place in history as our 1st Gold on home turf ever!

The story of this athlete gets even better. Alexandre has an older brother named Frederic, who has cerebral palsy and was told he would not walk past the age of 10. Today, he is still defying the odds walking AND skiing some of the biggest runs at home in Quebec at the age of 28.

What makes this brotherly love so special??

These brothers were skaters and lovers of hockey (gasp-in Canada? imagine). But skating became too hard for Frederic. Their parents told Alexandre that they needed to find something that they could all do as a family. And so, he changed sports from skating to skiing.

Frederic is Alexandre's biggest fan; in turn, Frederic is Alexandre's hero. Together they make a pretty good team!

and HUGE congrats to Alexandre!


Lisa said…
That is an amazing story. That makes the gold all the better!
Marla said…
Awesome story, SamiJoe and congrats on the Gold!!!!!
JeanetteSchenk said…
We've been watching the olympics closely too - and living like sloths because of it, mind you. ;) We watched CTV's coverage of Alexandre's back story and it brought tears to our eyes - then to watch brother Frederick watching his brother ski, wasn;t it just impossible to contain your own joy when seeing him light up and jump for his brother?!?

Truly Canadian heroes! :)
Unknown said…
Jeanette, i seriously am losing my cool...
i am overly retarded and cannot stop beaming with all of my Canuck joy!
I loved to watch the reaction of Frederick when Alex won. It was so priceless and then the hugs afterward. It couldn't happen to nicer and more talented young Canadian. Way to go , Alex.

We were over at my BFF's house and we were screaming our heads off.Her 2 year old kept screaming Go Canada go Alex hours after.
Juliana said…
WOW this was so amazing to read!!!!
Yay! Canada!! Woot Woot! and congrats to Alexandre...what a great story!
Go Canada Go!!! Awesome to have that first Gold!!!!
Great story.

Congratulations on the gold!
Heather said…
I saw the back story they gave on these brothers and it was great! they have such an amazing relationship! Congrats to Alexandre!

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