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I began my love of Y&R when i was a child. I had a babysitter who watched it. That was the early 80's. What i love about Y&R is that almost all the actors stay the same. For. Years & Years. They also keep the 'bringing people back from the dead' to a minimum and i do not feel like i am watching "Crazy Salem".
I adore Victor Newman. No one is like him!
(Katherine Chancellor follows a close second)
It isn't the number one watched Daytime show for no reason at all...

Anyone else a 'closet' Y&R fan??

ps-i do not get to indulge in this show every day... but hey, who needs to?? Everything in Soapland takes years to uncover!


Nancy C said…
I watched "Days of our Lives" back in the day.
Audrey said…
You had a baby sitter in the early 80's! Man - am I getting old :)
Never did watch soaps, still don't. Don't watch very much t.v. period.
Funny, I did not grow up watching soap operas, but I do have a special spot in my heart for The Young and The Restless. For some reason I did get a chance to see that show. I can hear the music in my head right now.
Unknown said…
Girl- I too am all about Y&R! I have watched it forever!! Wish I was Kathryn Chancellor! LOVE IT!!
Marla said…
I hadn't seen a soap in probably 20years. Then last year while caring for my sick sister, I watched one with her. I was shocked at how nothing much had changed after all these years. Pretty funny!
Anonymous said…
That's too funny.
My dad has watched that show since as far back as I can remember, and I'm 42!!!
He still watches it to this day.
He has alzheimers now, so it's probably a completely new show. LOL
I have never watched it myself, but pretty much know every long time character.

Great post!!!
RachelC said…
Can't wait for my kids to be in school full time ;)

I used to time breast feeds for 12:30 so I could sit on my bed and watch while they ate.

It is funny that every time I do get a chance to watch, I catch up real quick!
Anonymous said…
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