Mish Mash Monday (3rd attempt)


Welcome to another edition of 'Mish Mash Monday'! Phew~ last week was a busy one! Let's finish it off with all of those random thoughts still kicking around in my brain...and move on!

Mish Mash#1
~Have you seen the Olympic torch run by yet? We will finally have our chance this Wednesday morning. It has been just over 22 years since i last spied the torch, heading to the 1988 Calgary Olympic games. What a memory! Here is the site for all things Olympic!

Mish Mash#2
~My FICUS tree is doing something horrible. It is not dropping its leaves so much anymore, but it still has a rather-dead looking appearance. I haven't moved it in ages. It is not getting too much sun, nor is it being over/under watered. Something IS still happening with it though, as it has lots of new shoots! Befuddled. When will it start to look like the glorious tree that it is?? Stupid ficus!

Mish Mash#3
~Craft time? I went out to do a return (KID FREE) and came home to find these cute little creatures. Where did they come from? Apparently, hubby felt like playing with scissors...so he helped the kiddos make these:

Check out this website for fun and crafty things to do with the kids!

Mish Mash#4
~We acquired two of these cups on a trip to Kelsey's, over a month ago! They seem to be my kids favourite cups! Why you ask? Why is this simple, yet sturdy, cup- better than all others in the house? Because, and only because, it comes from a restaurant.

And while i am on the subject, remember those first few sips indulged to a toddler of some fine, McDonald's soda pop? Remember their faces when the carbonation zapped them? We do not get that around here anymore. Now my kiddos grab the cup and drink with reckless abandon, because they know that it will not be long until the cup is ripped from their tiny little hands! Yeah, no more sips for you! (said in my best, 'soup nazi' voice)

Mish Mash#5
~"Help for Haiti"~ Please review how you can help our family make a BIGGER donation!

Mish Mash#6
~Blogger and i are having a love/hate relationship today. It has taken me THREE attempts to write this post...and i don't have time for that! Argh!

Random thoughts have all been eliminated from my brain...bored yet?

Special thanks to Audrey for hosting!


Matty said…
Thanks for the tip on the craft project. I'm always looking for neat things to do with my grandchildren. Your hubster's a gem.

We made donations to the Haiti relief effort.
Unknown said…
Thanks for letting me know Matty! I'll add a buck to my contribution for you!
I think you hurt Ficus' feelings by calling it stupid. Maybe you should tell it you are sorry.
Unknown said…
It's very possible i did...you're right. Those...SUPER fussy ficuses!!
starnes family said…
Love the soup nazi voice. Awesome.

Very impressed with the husband and craft time. Also awesome!
Audrey said…
Reading your post is not boring! The whole idea of MMM is that the post doesn't have to make sense!

When the boys were little and we would go out to eat (never McD's), they always asked for milk. They are now 18 & 19 and will still order milk or just water.
Unknown said…
We live 'out of town', so a small bit of McD's once in awhile isn't that bad?
Joe. said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I came over here from Audrey's Mish Mash post. I, too have had trouble with blogger lately. I changed something in the "settings" and now it's working much better.
That is most weird about the ficus. I have a couple of those, and this is not something they have ever done. But it sounds like it could be a good thing.

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