Mish Mash Monday

Welcome to another Monday...

It seems that Monday comes WAY too fast these days for my liking (and today i am not liking hubby being back at work--boo! My only consolation is that hubby likes being back at work even LESS than i, lol). Since Mondays are the beginning of a new week, i still have plenty i'd like to get out about last week. All of these little things add up quite quickly; however, none of them equal a whole post. So, i've decided to join Audrey for "Mish Mash Monday" and go forth with all of those little tidbits. Word of Warning: Tidbits include any and all cr*p swirling through my brain!


Mish Mash #1~

Washing doors. Good grief! As if washing and tidying up after two little kiddos isn't bad enough, why the heck do they have to get their grimey little finger prints all over the doors?? I don't get it. A) because there are MANY other places to be tidying and i don't seem to notice the doors till they are bad, and B) i am apparently not washing those grimey hands well enough. So--OOPS--and kick my own arse, my bad! It's not their fault if their hands are dirty, is it?? They are simply exploring...

Mish Mash #2~

FREE books. "Read it Forward" ~ Canadian Mama over at 'Just Another Mom blog' shared a wicked link to the Crown Publishing group in her Sunday post. You pick a book (choice of 3), read it, then... pass it along! Check out the details here.

Mish Mash #3~

Just when you think you are done....sleep training. Yes, ugly words, i agree. My little Chuckleheads have always been pretty good sleepers (i might have had something to say about it--read: Baby Whisperer love). Each took a little work to fine tune here and there, but i'm happy to say that i don't see my bubs for a good 12hrs (sometimes 13hrs)! Ah, so refreshing and just what a Mom needs (a glass of vino helps too).

Lately, i've been seeing Beebo in the middle of the night to pee. Okay, i guess i have to live with that... but i would like to 'brag' just a little on her behalf about her most recent development. Beebo turns 4 in March and has had a mad love affair with her pacifier. Thankfully, we focused only on using it for sleep (instead of the walking/sucking toddler). So for a long time, the paci wasn't really an issue. I've tried buying her a ticket on the 'paci fairy' train, or to send it off to a newborn baby (anyone's -i don't care!); but she has outsmarted me every time. Telling me that i can just buy new ones for those babies and she can still have hers!

Well, Mother Nature (have i told you how much i love you?) had other plans. Beebo started getting a rash around her mouth. The rash existed for a few weeks or so before it started hurting. MommyO and DaddyO washed the rash and tried to make it better, but we really just had to lay it all on the table and tell the girl that it was TIME. Over the Christmas break, she decided it was time and that her face hurt too bad--she hucked it into the garbage and that was that! And you know what... it's been awesome. In fact, i think her sleep got even better! I am so proud that she was able to kick this habit on her own (our powers of persuasion were being thwarted), with no crying or sleepless nights. I am mostly proud that she made the decision for herself, because God only knows how much i dreaded actually taking it from her.

NEXT on the sleep training front: Xman into his big boy bed. Yikes!

Mish Mash #4

"Friend Makin Monday"~ awesome concept so here we go! You can meet the lovely creator Amber here. Or scoot over to another one of my friends here at 'The Bee Hive'. It's always nice to make new bloggy friends! Enjoy!

Mish Mash #5

I bought 'leggings' the other day. I even bought the big, huge, sweater-thing to wear over them. It's sooooo 80's... not that the 80's were bad, it's just that....in the 80's i wore 'New Kids on the Block' t-shirts and perhaps had zippers at the bottom of my acid washed jeans. Ha, ha- zippers on skinnies are back these days too. Wow, everything really does come full circle.

yep, these guys...

Mish Mash #6~

I was driving and i saw this just down the way from my house! I had to stop and take a picture... there was a firepit and room for easily 8 people inside. I was impressed! Must have taken them a few days.

There! Those were my 'saner' thoughts last week. Now, i can move on into 'this' week.


Marla said…
Great Mish Mash!!
Audrey said…
What a great MMM post!! Thanks so much for joining me. I am off to check out some of those other blogs/sites you mentioned!
Oh - the pacifier! My boys never had one - I really don't like them. But hubby apparently had one when he was small and was quite unwilling to give it up too. They happened to get a puppy around the time he was supposed to be to old for a pacifier. The puppy had to stay in the garage for the night and would whimper and wine when put there. So hubby's mom convinced him that the puppy needed the pacifier more than he did and he gave it up!
Unknown said…
I am so thankful that i took the little guys pacifier away when he was 7wks old...he was already a monster with it. He'd be terrible now! He's a blanket boy!

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