Sundays In My City *Glimpses of a New Year*

Ice Cold Water anyone? Oopsy!

Some New Years Eve pyrotechnics...


Baby New Year...(on the 3rd actually)

stealing some of his birthday cake cuttings! Sneaky guy! (Pre-iced)

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Sonya said…
I can't believe that froze!! Pretty fireworks and Im so lovin that smile:) Have a wonderful week!!
Matty said…
Iced bottle water. What a concept.

Your son is a cutie.
Unknown said…
He is the cutest! Happy New Year!
Joanna Jenkins said…
That is one cute New years baby!

The ice in the bottled water-- phew, that's why I live in So. California :-)

Thanks for sharing your city.

Happy new year
Wow that's some cold water! Love that you have a almost New Year Baby! One celebration after another. Happy New Year!!
Nancy C said…
What a great way to start the new year! What a cutie!
Marla said…
That is crazy cold!
Anonymous said…
That water/ice? Brrrrrr...colllld! :D
Audrey said…
Hello SamiJoe!!
You could never be a pain! I have added the code for my MMM button!!
Come and grab it.
Thanks so much for wanting to join Mish Mash Mondays.
That is the cutest little thief I've ever seen.

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