Learn YOUR Homophones!! Sheesh!

Okay, so i majored in the English Language... and even i, still get it wrong. The English language is a hard one to learn for a reason; too many rules! Anyways, my best friend posted this invaluable link (minus some of its own 'bad' language) and i think it's high time we all had a review.

Ready? Set. Go!

It's time to review your Homophones !

ps~ i deeply apologize for the poor language in my link- ha ha,get it?


Matty said…
You're right. I agree with your post. The English language has many rules. It's very important to learn them. A lot of foreigners get it wrong. They're not as familiar with proper grammar etiquette as their American counterparts.

The effects of your post have deeply affected me, so I'm going to think about it. Then I will study more so that I'm smarter than I was before.

In summary, I hope you don't lose your interest in reminding your readers of good grammar. For in doing so, we can let loose our poor writing skills.
Unknown said…
WOW, nice work Matty!
I LOVE IT! You rock!
Keely said…
EVERYBODY needs to read that. Twice.
Here's another great one!


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