Big ASS Dog is Right!

Meet Copper...our Alaskan Malamute. SHE weighs in at a cool 115lbs, with running abilities akin to 50km/h traffic--if something is good enough to run after! Example A: found a deer head. Well, we THINK she found it... ate it right. in. front. of me. Pure viewing pleasure-yuck!

Example B: Yes Copper, the porcupine WILL win! (250 quills later)

But then there are these moments,

where we just love her to death!

Do you have a family pet that you just love to death?

psst...the cats are reminding me that there are two of them!! It's a full household here!

PS~ "Help for Haiti" has a few days us UP our contribution!


starnes family said…
You know what's weird? Our 9 year old son wants to name the dog we will eventually get "Copper". Never heard that name!

We have a cat......Batman.....he's fantastic.
starnes family said…
Oh, and the quills!!!!!! Sweet baby!!!!!
Big Ass dog is right...holy cow it's a horse! So pretty though especially seeing it up close and not a wolf in dogs clothes at all!
Sonya said…
I LOVE Copper!! she is beautiful! I had a dog growing up..Stanley. I loved him to death.
I want more pets..need a bigger place first.
maggie said…
Great dog!! We had two Alaskan Malamutes...Timber and Sikalia..Timber was HUGE!!!Your pup looks beautiful..brings back memories *sniff*
Marla said…
Oh, I LOVE Cooper!!
I love the contrast of the pictures: big fearless dog vs. sweet loving family member.
Nancy C said…
Oh....this reminds me of when our sweet doggie fought with a cactus...and lost. Poor thing.
Lee Ann said…
aww Sami - she is just adorable! I love her!!

Well no need to ask me about my pet LOL you are prob sick of hearing about my Meatball! LOL

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