It's...DressUp Day!

The Chuckleheads were playing dress MommyO came in for some pictures!
Xman was being a very good sport! Beebo thought he should dress up as the princess...
He's WAY too handsome to be a princess! But-- chop off some s' and he's a PRINCE! (Albeit a pink crown!)
One last cheesy group shot!

Fridays are fun in our house (especially around 5pm or so....DaddyO comes home & a beer might find its way into my hand)!

Nowhere to go, nowhere to be!

Happy Friday All! Have a Super Weekend!

*P.S- did anyone notice that a Chinook blew in ??

(temp went from -26C to +8C overnight!)


Dee said…
So cute!! What a good sport Xman is. I have great memories of my 18 months younger brother and I playing "house" together a lot growing up.
Marla said…
What wonderful memories you are making with those kiddos.
Nancy C said…
Happy family! YAY!

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