Alpacas in Alberta?

I know, messed up eh? Especially considering, that 99 percent of the World's three million Alpacas are found in Peru, Bolivia and Chile.

So why are they here in Alberta (and let me tell you, i easily have 20 neighbours with these animals grazing)?

Apparently, we have the same weather as the Andes Mountains (though the alpacas do need protection from severe winter storms and the summer heat).

Geez, learn something new every day!

In any case, we definitely enjoy seeing them. They have beautiful long eyelashes and make a slight humming noise. Alpacas are shaved once a year in May... and for a few months, we get to laugh at them... because they look like this guy!

photo source: Yahoo

Checkout Alpaca facts: here


Marla said…
Oh my gosh ... too cute! I want one
Nancy C said…
I love the shaved Alpaca. We have friend who live next to a llama farm, and I think my boys' heads will explode from the excitement of it all.
They look so funny shaved.
Traci said…
Try saying Alpacas in Alberta five times fast! They look like overgrown poodles when they are shaved. LOL

Thanks for stopping by and sending me the bloggy love when I was sick.

Matty said…
I would never have guessed it. You do learn something new every day.
Shelley said…
I'm a new follower from "Friday Follow"! I'd love for you to come visit me!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Unknown said…
I am a new follower from Follow Friday. What a great way to find amazing new blogs like yours! I look forward to reading more!


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