Mish Mash Monday


This entry of 'Mish Mash Monday' has me feeling a little muddled. Actually, mish-mashy could be used to describe my feelings today. Or even- wishy washy.


My world got turned all topsy-turvy yesterday.
The news was not my own, but has affected me so.

I am trying hard to be optimistic in tomorrow, for it is then, we will know more.
If you pray for people you barely know, please send one our way tonight! I thank you kindly, in advance.

Mish Mash#1
~Apparently January 9th,10th & 11th aren't days worth repeating...two years in a row!! I hope this new trend of bad news finding me on those days, year after year... is not one that is going to see a third year. Give me a break.

Mish Mash#2
~Extolling the beauty of Newfoundland once again (i know, why don't i just live there?), check out this new show, Republic of Doyle. With St.John's as it's lovely backdrop, this detective/drama with a comedic undertone definitely lives up to all that is promised. I really enjoyed the first episode, hope you will too! *CBC is your best bet. If you live outside of Canada, i am not sure where the heck you'd watch? Sorry!*

Mish Mash#3
~Coupons. Good grief -i have too many! Is that even possible? Well, i most likely will not use them all up before their expiry dates... so if you're Canadian, and would like some coupons--leave me your email. Even better--is there something you use alot of and would like coupons just for that? I'll take a look and see if i have it!

Mish Mash#4
~I connect you all to Eva @
Wrestling with Retirement. Her Sunday post has the most amazing picture.

Mish Mash#5
~Holy geez...it's +10C outside. Yeppers...in Canada. See, i'm not as cold as you all think! Crazy chinook!

Special thanks to Audrey for hosting.


Nancy C said…
Sending prayers. So sorry this time of year has the terrible habit of sending you challenges. XOXO
Audrey said…
Sending prayers your way too.
You get coupons? I live near a small town - no coupons as a rule here. Maybe if I lived in Winnipeg they would come in the mail.
We had -11C today, but tomorrow it's supposed to be +2C - very warm for January!
Thanks so much for joining my MMM!
Marla said…
I am praying. The good thing is, though I may barely know who I am praying for, He knows them intimately.
Sonya said…
Thoughts and prayers coming that way:) I hope everything will be ok.

Can you believe there are no coupns over here!?! not a one. That should be a warning as to how expensive it can be over here..lol

Newfoundland is beautiful isn't it! I've always thought so. I miss that scenery so much.

It's cold here too..but not like what you have..so I wont mention wat it is here..lol

I hope your week gets better!
Sending prayers and ((hugs)) your way!
Lee Ann said…
hugs again Hon xxxxxx
J.B. said…
Following you with Fridays.
Sending prayers your way and putting you on my church's prayer list. XD

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