I just found a stack of about 8 Christmas cards that were returned did not get mailed.


So in advance, i apologize for being a sh*tty person if yours is late.

Perhaps i'll add a Valentine to it? Will that make it all better?


Oh well, at least you sent some. I bought some and then never took them out of the box, but I'm all set for next Christmas.
Anonymous said…
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Traci said…
You're better than me. I sent only one and that one was mailed the day after Christmas because I received one from her on Christmas Eve!

P.S. Thanks for being an amazing super supportive bloggy friend. My husband and I have joked about moving to Canada -- you guys have healthcare, and all -- but seriously, if everyone up there is as nice as you, I might brave -16. Lots of love!
Matty said…
I didn't get mine, but I forgive you :) Save it and send it next time.

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