Sundays in My City~ Olympic Spirit Edition

At the moment, communities all across Canada are embracing the duty of the Olympic torch~! We are entering the final days of the journey to Vancouver... meaning, the games are almost here! What a fine way to bring out our patriotic spirit! This week, it was our turn to participate...

Here is a picture of the 2010 Vancouver Games torch. Pretty slick and modern these days. Oh, and yes, i do know this lady. She ran one of the first legs of the journey, in Newfoundland. I am so very proud of her- SHE ROCKS! This torch run will be one of the longest in Olympic history and will have 12.000 runners!!
The Preschool gang! Learning how to be good little patriotic Canadians...
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Our bank service charges hard at work! Only kidding- but for real, those 'Black Eyed Peas' have MAJOR royalties heading. their. way. forever!!!~ Well, "I've gotta feeling" they do...
The torch making its way through town. I had tears instantly at the sight! I can only imagine the elation this runner must be experiencing. WOW~
And it is gone. See those guys in black, running along with the torch bearer? They are Canada's fine RCMP, getting a nice workout. :)

It means a lot to have this chance to host the Olympics. What a great way to introduce the idea of 'country pride' in our kids, while they are wee. I am not sure that they'll remember this; however, in 1988 when i saw the torch my first time, i probably understood as much as they do.

One day they'll get the importance. If we're lucky, they'll get to see it again in their life time, with their kids.

Bring it on Vancouver 2010~!

We've got the spirit! Let's do it, the Canuck way!

Unknown Mami

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(Geez, sorry Mami...this week it seems i lived at your site! Darn contest!)


Lisa said…
I am elated with you SamiJoe..
Joanna Jenkins said…
That is so exciting! Congrats to your friend carrying the torch.

Someday I would love to attend the Olympic Games!

Thanks for sharing your City.

Anonymous said…
Very cool pics!! And a great post ;)

We had a big "event" here as well! So much fun.
So cool...great pictures. We lived in SLC when the 2002 Olympics came I loved watching the torch run and all the activities involved. Have a wonderful Sunday!
Audrey said…
The torch got within 20 miles of my house, unfortunately it arrived when I needed to be on the school bus! Lucky you to have seen it! Look forward to watching the olympics on TV!
Traci said…
What I love about the Olympics is the beautiful national spirit it instills in all of us. I am moved by the torch even when it is carried in another land. And I cry when I see an athlete honoring their flag raised even when it is not my flag.

Congrats on hosting this year. I will be watching from down here in Texas where we will never host a Winter Olympics. And hands down, that is the coolest "torch" I have ever seen.
Maude Lynn said…
What great pictures!
Gibby said…
How cool is that? I am so excited for the Olympics, I wish they were in my city! Have fun with it!
Erin said…
Great Pics! That's so exciting, I love the Olympics!
Sonya said…
Wow thats so fantastic!!! the photos are so great and you are right..never to early to introduce country pride:)

Have a fabulous week!
Unknown said…
I LOVED seeing this post. I am so excited for your country to have this opportunity! What a blessing! I hope you have many wonderful experiences during this time!
That is so cool. We will have the torch here tomorrow and my son's favorite teacher and one of his friends are going to carry it.

It's so exciting....
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this peek into the torch run! I love the Olympics!
maggie said…
The torch ran three blocks from where we live ...and yes we were there. My sons held an Olympic scarf scretched out so the runner could see it. He gave them the thumbs up sign and yelled to them that he liked it!!! They thought that was pretty cool...can't wait for the games to start. I was at the Calgary was great, I had the best time. I'm taking Feb 12 off work so I can watch the opening ceremonies live. I think I'll wrap that afore mentioned scarf around my neck and put on my Olympic mitts while I sit on the couch and watch!! Go Canada!!!
Unknown said…
Thanx, Sami, for letting us in on the excitement. We are missing it all here down south, but we are with you in spirit.
So exciting! What an experience for the kids. :-)
Maybe I'm crazy, but the torch looks like a giant pair of tweezers to me.
DontSayHurry said…
It would be awesome to see it in person. thanks for sharing.
D'Anna said…
Thank you for sharing this, Sami! It moved me to see the pics, and I'm not Canadian! ; ) The Olympics is one event that really joins our world together in FUN and friendly competition. I can't WAIT to see how you guys host the PARTY! : )
Nancy C said…
I went out with a Canadian this Sat and she made me order MOLSON. Ha!

What a moment to be proud about! I would be teary too.
Anonymous said…
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