Okay, i am a little upset that i have only found out about this contest now... but, i did enter myself and OMG- i cannot even imagine how awesome this would be to win!!!

I am not thinking at all about...

What happens if i do win??

Who will look after my kids??
Can hubby even take this much time off work?
My inlaws are not in the country...
My mother lives too far away!

It's okay...i never win anything... and my reality-meter (because i am such a pessimist) says that i won't.

BUT...a girl can dream, right??

Anyone hold super powers?? Anyone know anyone working for Panasonic??

I promise i will not complain on my blog for one whole year... (ah, who are we kidding--how exciting would that be?)

God- if you are listening, i'd really like to win this...i've proven my gift-of-gab, have i not??
Let me use ALL MY WORDS to make these athletes shine!!!!

Pretty please?

ps~ This contest is about 5 Athletes... who all come from snowless countries, this Olympic winter games! Check out their stories, send them messages. LET THEM know how AWESOME they are!!


D'Anna said…
I SO hope you WIN!!!!!!
Is there anything I can do to help you?

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