Bzz Bzz Bzz- the HoneyBee needs our help!

Yesterday i read a fantastic article in the Calgary Herald concerning the Honey Bee. We can wax poetic about the many ways to be 'greener', but these little guys REALLY need us to be 'greener' for their survival!

"To understand the importance of honeybees, consider that every third bite on your plate is a result of their primary role on the planet as pollinators, the most important group on Earth."

Honeybees: modern-day canary in the coal mine

Please take a few moments to read the article. It really does bring astounding insight into something we probably do not give enough thought to.

"Without bees, we cannot survive."

ps~ today is the last day to help us UP our donation to "Help for Haiti".


Nancy C said…
I've thought about this, and read about this with increasing concern. Thanks for the reminder.
Anonymous said…
I've thought about this as well.
Thanks for sharing.
I totally missed that in the paper... hmmm.
Calgary? Did I know that already? Have we discussed that I live in Airdrie??? Something tells me I'm losing my mind ;)
Matty said…
I had no idea. This was a very informative article. Who knew they pollinated so many different things. And pesticides are doing them in. Thanks for sharing something I didn't know until now.

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