~ Blushing~

This picture here:

Taken by SamiJoe, Jan. 9, 2010

Inspired one lady here, to write a poem.
Thankyou Brenda! We love our little Hover Boy!!

I am honoured that you felt compelled to write about this photo. All along i have hoped for those who read my blog, to enjoy it. Today, i know that someone gained a whole idea from it-WOW! (Check out her blog BryAntics for the monochrome version.)

Xman *might* have gained a new nickname!


Nancy C said…
See what you started? :)
Unknown said…
I just read the poem.. How cool is that??

What a great pic - I can see why it inspired someone to write about it!!
Lee Ann said…
LOL go Xman! Love the pic and the sweet poem! He is such a little daredevil! x

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