Wordless Wednesday~ Nine


The number of years that DaddyO and i have been married.
(Today is the day!)

Shoes- unrelated. But aren't they pretty??

Happy Anniversary Dear Hubby!
While you may have ditched me on Facebook,
you at least still read my blog. ;)


Too funny the shoes are pretty...I thought he bought you shoes! Happy Anniversary!!
TheFitHousewife said…
Lovin' the shoe reference! Your hubby reads your blog? Wow! I think mine is afraid to...and he should be ;) Happy Anniversary!
Shelly said…
Happy Anniversary!

Yay! Congrats & happy anniversary!
Unknown said…
Mine reads mine too..I linked him, so he has to :)

Congrats on the Happy Day!
Rebecca said…
Happy Anniversary!
Matty said…
Nine is mighty fine. Happy anniversary. Here's to 79 more.
Unknown said…
Sami, Thank you so much for the advice about the comments.....it's working!!!!!!!!!!
Happy is the blogger that can give and receive comments.

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