In our family, we generally stock 'Bacon Bits'. Not the "good" for you kind- the totally fake, hard, Bacon bits. They are cheap and DaddyO dumps WAY TOO many into his scramble- just like his Dad. I've thought about buying the ready-cooked 'real' bacon before, but have always managed to talk myself out of the actual purchase. (I always overthink the convenient stuff when grocery shopping.)

At Costco the other day, i decided to buy DaddyO the Costco-size bag of ready-cooked 'real' bacon. Like for real, the bag is 567grams worth of pure bacon pleasure. And i did not have to drain a thing! Yeehaw! If i could have found the nice fake stuff DaddyO enjoys, i would have bought them instead. But this seemed to be in its place. I can be a sucker once, right?

Today i made a stir-fry. Cherry tomatoes, mini cukes and scoops of ready-cooked bacon. A bit of olive oil and a quick, warm salad was had. But then the bag of ready-cooked bacon bits was open...

Would you believe that within 30 seconds i had already shovelled a spoonful of bacon into my mouth??

*whistling* Not me!

Would you also believe that i preceded to shovel at least another few spoonfuls in before i made myself put the bag away??

Hopefully i've gathered my salt quota for the day, because i! Can we say doomed? Sh*tty.

Can we also say, "Hubby shall never have these bought for him again?"

Apparently i cannot handle my bacon.


That, or i am sodium deprived from all that Low-Sodium Campbell's Soup! LOL!


Too funny! I was at BJ's wholesale and picked up a bag and put it right back I too can't be trusted!

Have a wonderful weekend!
I would be in so much trouble with that bag. I'd probably eat it like chips. Yum, bacon chips!
Rebecca said…
I need a bag of bacon. Yummy!
TheFitHousewife said…
LMAO at the OINK comment!
JeanetteSchenk said…
Too funny! Can't handle your bacon.. love it! :)

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