Winner- Baby Gourmet Father's Day Giveaway

The winning entry for Baby Gourmet's
 "Daddy Looked After the Kids One Time..."
 giveaway, was submitted by Realm of Fieldings!

"So, I don't have a specific story but a bit of ongoing winter dad and son amazingness. Our family of four (me, my hubby, the Little Man and our new baby girl, The Bean) live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. That's in Sub-Arctic Canada. The temperatures in winter here are regularly between -30 and -45 Celsius (that's -22 and -49 Farhenheit for you Americans). Winter is a bit chilly to say the least...
Last winter my son decided that would be his time to learn to ride his bike, and ride his bike he did! In the house, around the furniture, around the kitchen, up and down the hall, in the bedrooms, laundry room, bathroom. Anywhere there was floor space he was riding. One afternoon when it was about -30 Celsius, my hubby decided to offer the Little Man and opportunity to ride outside. Little Man was more than excited to get a chance to bundle up and ride in a space that has more room than our little house! He and Dad bundled up: sweater, long johns under thick pants, fleece snowsuit under the full snowsuit, thin liner socks, heavy wool socks, big boots, toque, two layers of mittens and of course his helmet (which had to be adjusted to fit over his toque). Dad bundled up as well and off they went.
TWO HOURS later they come home! Little Man is as excited as ever and telling all of the great stories about riding his bike out on the ice road and on frozen Great Slave Lake and over the snowbanks and on the sidewalks and how people were honking their support of this little guy out there trucking along on his blue and silver bike. Now, I should let you in on the secret to our Little Man's bike riding in winter! The Little Man's bicycle isn't a bike with pedals. For his first bike, we got him one of those run bikes with no pedals so he could learn how to balance and fall with no pedals to get in the way.
Boy oh boy, was this a blessing for winter riding. And boy oh boy, was this a recipe for Dad having to RUN to keep up with this kid who can zip along at speeds you wouldn't imagine... Little Man came home super excited about his foray into the cold winter on his little bike and Dad came home from it cold and out of breath. It's pretty hard on your lungs to run when it's -30 out there! For the rest of the winter, Dad and Little Man were outside running and riding six days out of seven no matter the temperature! Dad's lungs have somewhat adjusted to the cold burn and Little Man only gets faster and faster at his biking skills! We've now upgraded his bike to a larger run bike and he can go even faster so watch out Dad, you're in for more running this winter! To me, this is a great example of the simple dedication a father has to his little boy! "

Thanks Dads for all that you do!
(And congrats once again to Realm of Fieldings!)


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