Good Practice


Today i got a 'Thank You' card in the mail.  That isn't the surprising thing though...  Last week, i did business with a 'local' business for the first time.  That's it!  The owner sent me a thank you card  to say, "thanks for choosing them to do business with!"


THAT is great business practice-- heck, it is great etiquette!  But in today's world, we are rarely sent a 'thank you' card in the mail saying just that from a business.  I'll go back again for sure.  She obviously respects the community she lives in and is willing to extend graciousness beyond the doors of her store.

Now, i think i'll go pay-it-forward.... You should too!

Have you said 'Thank You' to someone lately??


who was the business?

what a great place!
Thank you for reading my blog and leaving regular comments. Comments brighten my day and I don't get many........

So anyway, thanks!
TheFitHousewife said…
Well, ain't that nice! My mama taught me to send thank-you notes to anyone who gave me a gift or did something special for me....I still do :). I rarely get thank-you's from others. It seems to be a lost art!
I love the pay it forward kind of days! I try to say thank you....I think that is smart business in todays economy.
Anonymous said…
back in the day they were called "bread and butter notes"...a lost art.

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