Campbell's Low Sodium Soups

Admittedly, I have been waffling a bit on this one.  I am afraid my review of Campbell's Low Sodium Tomato Soup has taken too long. You see, i had grandeur ideas of telling you all about how i gave it to my daughter in replacement of her 'normal' Tomato Soup-- and that, she could not tell the difference at all. Or, that she refused to eat the soup because it did not taste them same, wasn't thick like the original, or plain and simple did not look the same. Well, after about two cans for her (and another two for me that i went and purchased for a better taste test- wink wink!), i knew nothing except that neither of us could find fault. I must also mention, that Beebo is in love with Tomato soup because it rocks her world-- but only Campbell's brand.  She can certainly spy out a fraud-- i've tried!  I thought we had an 'in' on this taste test; i thought we could knock this review right out of the park.

But nope. Nope at all. This low-sodium tomato soup tastes exactly the same. Except they ditched the salt while keeping the taste! Cool eh?

I really thought there was more to say on the subject, but there is no news here folks. May as well just pick up those Campbell's Low Sodium products because they've done a great job! Less Sodium- Healthier Choice- Same Quality Taste!  Even your picky eaters won't know the difference!

*Peek Thru Our Window was provided with one regular Campbell's Tomato Soup and one Low Sodium Campbell's Tomato Soup for our taste test. All opinions expressed belong solely to SamiJoe @ PTOW*


Nice when it's better for you and taste great! Might have to try it!
TheFitHousewife said…
I'm so glad that companies like Campbell's are reducing the insane amount of sodium in their product! Kudos to them :)

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