2011 Ford Explorer- The Meeting

Going to pickup a vehicle is always an exciting prospect. On a sunny Sunday morning, we were off to meet the 2011 Ford Explorer. I have to admit, when i first looked at the dash of the New 2011 Ford Explorer i was a little- um, speechless? It was pleasing to the eye and things seemed easy to read and had nice flow;  the cup holders were also positioned nicely in the console (one of my key criteria)... but this touch screen and push-button start was odd to me and would take some getting used to. While DaddyO and the kids whipped through the Tim Horton's drive-thru (in our Dodge Ram), i sat getting aquainted with these four wheels.   I mean, the Explorers radio was not turned on at switchover and i certainly did not know how it worked? Driving with no kids in the car meant LOUD blaring music in the car--


Navigating the touch screen wasn't as difficult as i had first perceived. Most of the selections were self explanatory and did indeed do what was expected. (Though i'm still working on how i managed to freeze myself out entirely when messing with the climate controls mid-drive?) I did not have the 'My Ford Touch' lady talk to me yet, so phew... i must have been doing okay on my first drive?

First Impressions: Yes, this car is comfortable. Overly spacious, no.  The interior is sleek and laid out well. The Explorer rides nicely, accelerates well and has 4 levels of 4 x 4 capability. But- there is still plenty more to explore!

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#3- Features
#4- Final Thoughts

*Peek Thru Our Window was provided with a 2011 Ford Explorer by @Ford Canada for the purpose of this review. As always, the opinions expressed are our own.*


Heather said…
I'm excited to hear more about it so I'm prepared for when it's my turn!
Sandra said…
Wow, great wheels!
So nice to see a pic of you!...ya, I've sort of become your stalker. Sorry. I promise I'll be quiet and I won't peek through your window at inappropriate times.
Rebecca said…
I'd really like it if the good people of Ford would just gift one of those to me. What a sweet machine!
Anonymous said…
More, more more :) I really, really want to hear more about your Explorer experiences.


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