Music Monday!

Did you know i am a fan of Miss Olivia?? 

Fact: She was my first concert, at age 4 years old. 
I may also know all the words to her songs.  All.of.them!

Who do you like musically,
that people might find surprising?
(Due to age or tastes.)


Melani said…
Well, I have a 16 yr old daughter who always has to have "her" station on while in the I do like the occasional Pink song and Caty Perry! HA and I know the words to them! LOL
Andy Williams. Don't tell anyone.
meli-mello said…
I know the words to a surprising number of Alice Cooper and Nazareth songs. I guess I'm really a 70's banger at heart.

Actually I also know the words to almost every light rock song from the 70s and 80s because my parents always listened to Lite96 in the car. Sad but true.

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