Our Xman

Our little Xman has really come into his own lately! (And who am i kidding, this child is not a 'small' child-- he's very tall, just like DaddyO!)   At almost 3.5yrs, Xman is proving to be quite the joker in our household and even has a few new responses to our queries, "Ha ha!" and "That's So Funny!".  He blurts out these phrases so sweetly you cannot help but laugh. 

Xman is also a younger brother.  One day his sister Beebo asked "Why does my brother bother me sooo much?"  My response was simple;  he's your younger brother and his job is to make your life terrible (not really, but you know what i mean?).  He loves to play with his sister, he really does love her dearly.  But he certainly knows how to get that girls goat!

And then sometimes, we all get a big laugh out of Xman's antics-  including girlie.   Xman decided to steal her dress up heels and give us a show!  Here he is tapping like a mini Fred Astaire!

It's just not the same when Beebo does it.

Occasionally, we'll also find Xman fluttering around in his sister's dressup clothes.  I have shown this picture before i believe, but a) the picture rocks and b) you all must really see it again!

Known as 'Chucklehead' in these parts!

We love our Xman so much and are thankful every day that he is in our lives. Even girlie. I seriously do not know what that girl would do with herself all day if she didn't have him to boss around or to torture with endless doll play.  Sometimes though they are like peas and carrots... as i write this, i can hear her counting to 20 and making him repeat each number as she goes. Awwwwwwww  I love catching them in these special moments.  Some days, it is all i have to get me through those days of non-stop fighting and bickering.


TheFitHousewife said…
That is very cute...and oh so entertaining!
You have shown that picture before and I loved it then and I love it now.
I hope you hold on to those pictures for his senior year of HS blackmail might come in handy down the road!!

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