Rainy Thoughts

It has been raining for a few days now... and yes, we need it.  Especially with the amount of fires already raging in Alberta.  It isn't snow, so woot woot-- but i'm now in a 'rainy kind of mood' and i'm thinking about food!

Warm soup, hot tea, stew, peanut butter toast (say what?)!  I can't stop thinking about warm yummy foods! 

What is your favourite, rainy day food?

#Yyc certainly has some of the most terrible weather in all of Canada. 
But at least there is a view of the mountains, right?


Peanut butter toast sister. Peanut butter toast.

Had it for lunch.

TheFitHousewife said…
Peanut butter rocks my world! I was thinking today that the birds aren't the only ones fattening up from this weather...I want comfort food ;)
Rebecca said…
Peanut butter toast makes me want to go to the kitchen now! Sounds delicious. Did you cook whatever that is in the photo? What is it, looks delicious.

I would say my favorite rainy day food is probably casseroles. Cheesy, creamy casseroles.
Unknown said…
I did make it-- home made onion soup. Throw together what you have!
Kelly L said…
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Last night as we went to bed a major thunder lighting storm all I could think about was soup!! Raining today yeah....better than snow I know.
I'm glad you guys are getting the rain as you said you need it.

Here in London we are so water logged it isn't funny!

I have been in a rain mood all week and it's getting depressing :( I love hot soup and grilled sandwiches on a rainy day though...mmm
Melissa said…
A good soup or grilled cheese :)

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