Baby Gourmet Mother's Day Giveaway Winner

First, Happy Mother's Day All! I hope you have all taken a moment to call your Mom, see your Mom, hug and squeeze your Mom (i won't be seeing my Mom, so can someone plz squeeze their Mom again for me??), or simply to have rested your Mommy butt and relaxed. Ah....

Choosing a winner for this contest was certainly tricky!  How does one weigh these fabulous memories? But, a winner must be chosen... so let's just get on with it!

The Baby Gourmet Gift Basket of foods and luxury baby items goes to...

"I have only been a mom for six months and already I have so many wonderful memories. It's hard to choose just one. Since it's Mother's Day I will choose the one that really made me feel like a mom. Noah is my first child and I sometimes I think it's still sinking in that I really am a mom now!
I was at a family gathering with my son Noah, who was four months at the time. He is normally very good with being held by different people. We have a big family so he's used to being passed around a lot. I was in the kitchen helping out. I could see that Noah was starting to get a bit overwhelmed with all the people and noise. He started fussing. Everyone wanted to hold him and be the one to calm him down. Those that weren't taking a turn holding him were yelling out suggestions on what to do (walk with him, say shhhhh, bounce him). I yelled out "I'll be right there", but a few people assured me he'd be fine. By the time I washed my hands and got to him he was crying. I hadn't held him for over an hour. The moment he came into my arms his crying slowed down. There were a few sniffles and then he rested his head on my shoulder. I closed my eyes and gave him a squeeze. He just wanted his Mom, and that was me. I will never forget how that made me feel."

Thank you Rachel for your touching Mommy moment!  I loved reading all of the entries- many brought a tear to my eye.  I had a rather hard time myself, thinking of only the best moment.  Everything in that first year of being a Mommy just flies by!  But, if i were to choose... i vividly remember putting Beebo in a swing around 8/9 months and listening to her just giggle and giggle and giggle!  She always loved the swings (and still does).  That giggle, bless-- pure joy!

Enjoy the Baby Gourmet Noah!


Rachel said…
Thanks so much! Noah just started eating solid food this week and loves it! He was really ready to start. We're looking forward to trying out the baby gourmet food. I loved reading everyone's memories. Happy Mother's Day to all of you!

Thanks SamiJoe and Baby Gourmet!

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