Sunday In My City ~ This week in pictures.

The Easter Bunny visited...
(crazy man did this all himself!)

I won a G.Certificate to IKEA through an #IkeaKitchen Twitter Party-
this was what i purchased.
A nice, red shag carpet to cover up the old-yucky carpet i can't get rid of yet.

Tomatoes, peppers, veggies OH MY!

DaddyO's birthday cake.
Brownies. (any kind-- your kind, recipe kind, box kind)
Ghiradelli brand specifically this time (you can purchase at Costco).
Cream cheese icing. (again, your kind, recipe kind, tub kind)
Oh, and don't forget chocolate bars to top it with!!!
(I chose DaddyO's favourite, 3 Muskateers)

Me. Up at 4am.
Royal Wedding.
(The trees in the Abbey were my favourite!)
Nuff said.
Except...that the stunned look is because
*flash* is really hard to take at this time of the night, morning!

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How was your week?


Keetha Broyles said…
I did so enjoy my visit to you and your city today!

I got some new "stuff" over my way this week too - - - goodness, what am I thinkin', after having just WEEDED out and SORTED out all kinds of JUNK before our recent move - - - what made me think I needed to ADD some new "stuff"?
Anonymous said…
I LOVE your garden. We don't have much garden space here and the balcony gets forgotten. I wonder if we would remember to care for the garden if it were indoors?
Rebecca said…
How much did it cost for the trees to be brought into the Abbey? Oh well, it was beautiful.
You're a crazy lady!

Ghiradelli brownies from Costco are the very best!

So is cream cheese icing.

I recorded the royal wedding and watched most of it in fast forward and it was the most fun I've had in a long long time.

I wish I was a princess. For real.
TheFitHousewife said…
OMG...birthday cake...drooling!
Matty said…
Aw, she's a cutie pie. And I'm all for brownies and birthday cake. You are a brave one being up that early to watch.
I'm lovin' the Easter bunny!!!

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