Organically Good Baby Gourmet: Mother's Day Giveaway!

Organic baby food, with no fillers, no added sugar or salt, 100% organic ingredients and in a easy to use, resealable, bpa-free container! (It even has a 15 month shelf life!)  Convenient... for those times when you just can't make your own.

Babies love it - guaranteed!
(heck, you'll be a fan too- it is super yummy!)

Baby Gourmet is an Alberta company
 that cares about what your baby eats.
It is a perfect addition to your baby's feeding repetoire.

These milestones in a baby's life are important to a Mom. Ones never to be forgotten. So for Mother's Day, Baby Gourmet has put together a giveaway to make a Mom's job just a bit easier!

Basket filled with Baby Gourmet baby foods and other luxury baby items.

To Win:
MOM's (sorry no fellas!) Think of your favourite memory from your first year of being a Mom and simply leave me a comment, telling me all about it! Be sure to leave me your email address too, so i'll know exactly where to find you! The winner will be chosen by SamiJoe (moi!) and announced on Mother's Day, Sunday May 8th, 2011.

Giveaway ends-- Saturday, May 7th, 2011 @ 9pm MST.  Open to all Mom's in Canada and the U.S.A.

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Good luck!

*Special thanks to the Real-life Baby Gourmet tester Arnold. He took his Baby Gourmet samples with him to the Bahamas and said it was ready-to-go, tastes delicious and even had to make sure G'pa didn't eat it all when he wasn't looking! Two thumbs up! *


Unknown said…
That really was a convenient and clean way to picnic with Baby. Because it comes out of the squeezre top, no beach sand got into it, and we had no mess to clean up when Arnold was all done. Left overs (if any) were so easily put back on ice to wait for the next snack.
ps. it's better in the Bahamas!
Anonymous said…
Well, I've only been a Mom for 6 months, and I can honestly tell you, everyday is filled with favorite memories! :) But if I have to pick an all time favorite, it was when my beautiful princess smiled for the first time, and it was just for me, a smile full of pure joy! :)

(I hope this is where I was to leave the comment! lol )
Anonymous said…
My favourite moments would have to be when I bring my little girl in to bed with Daddy and I in the morning. It's such a treat for the three of us to cuddle and bond with each other before we start our busy days. I couldn't imagine my day without that special time!
Tara said…
Well I am only a mama by belly right now but definatley within the timeline on the product to be able to use it. My favorite moment of being a mom is watching my husband talk with the babies and seeing them respond to his voice and having my brothers hug the belly and talking to them. I love these 2 little boys so much already and love watching my family connect with them just thru a belly : )
Rachel said…
I have only been a mom for six months and already I have so many wonderful memories. It's hard to choose just one. Since it's Mother's Day I will choose the one that really made me feel like a mom. Noah is
my first child and I sometimes I think it's still sinking in that I really am a mom now!

I was at a family gathering with my son Noah, who was four months at the time. He is normally very good with being held by different people. We have a big family so he's used to being passed around a
lot. I was in the kitchen helping out. I could see that Noah was starting to get a bit overwhelmed with all the people and noise. He started fussing. Everyone wanted to hold him and be the one to calm him down. Those that weren't taking a turn holding him were yelling out suggestions on what to do (walk with him, say shhhhh, bounce him). I yelled out "I'll be right there", but a few people assured me he'd
be fine. By the time I washed my hands and got to him he was crying. I hadn't held him for over an hour. The moment he came into my arms his
crying slowed down. There were a few sniffles and then he rested his head on my shoulder. I closed my eyes and gave him a squeeze. He just wanted his mom, and that was me. I will never forget how that made me feel.
Kat Gignac said…
My first year as a mom was when I was eighteen years old. I gave birth to a perfect and precious little girl and because I wanted her to have the best life possible, I gave her up for adoption to a wonderful couple that couldn’t have children. As much as I wanted to keep her, I loved her too much to be selfish. She is twelve years old now and has two loving parents, a great life on a farm, a pony and, most of all, the stability that I would never have been able to give her. The moment when I handed her to her new parents, as bittersweet as it was, will always be my favourite memory from my first year as a mom.

mommy.kat at live dot ca
momtodc said…
My favorite moment of my first year being a mom was the moment I first held my little man. I was young (19) and very scared about giving birth. After being induced and laboring for an hour or so, the baby's heart rate dropped dramatically and I needed an emergency c-section. This was the scariest thing I had ever been through and I couldn't help but cry like a baby when they told me. Everything happened so fast and the worry was almost too much to bear. But luckily we made it through and before I knew it I had a perfect little baby in my arms. I have never been more relieved in my life! He is eleven now and still has a knack for bringing the drama and excitement to our lives that he entered the world with.

Manager to Mom said…
Eeeek looks like I missed the cut-off by 20 minutes!! :-/ I'll submit my entry anyway in case you decide to be bit lenient, hehe ;)

My DD is only 5 months old so we don't have a full year of memories under our belt yet, but it certainly feels like we do! There are so many to choose from, however the one that stands out the most right now was the first time I truly felt LOVE from my daughter. About a month back, I had just fed her and put her down in her crib to sleep. Usually she'll either be out cold already or very sleepy, but on this night she was quite alert. We locked eyes for a long gaze and she smiled the sweetest, happiest smile at me! I melted - it was so heart warming!

Over the last couple weeks we've been enjoying new memories of her grabbing excitedly at everything around her - including food! So it would be soo terrific (and timely!) to win this Baby Gourmet pack as we'll be starting her on solids very soon!

kristy dot anstett at gmail dot com

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