Looking for something to do this weekend?

If you are looking for something to do this long weekend, i highly recommend you and the family attend Disney's newest adventure, African Cats!  Beebo and i attended a preview on Monday night, and we loved it!
The cinematography is stunning- i was definitely in awe of the landscape beauty.  And i'll admit, i sure learned a heck of a lot!  You'll follow a pride of Lions, led by King Fang...and the other male lions led by Kali across the river.  Sita (mommy cheetah) and Layla (mommy lioness) will show you all about being a feline mommy~ these gals rock!
It is a documentary style film, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, so do not be shocked to see a lion chase down (then eat) a meal.  I promise that stuff isn't overdone however.  The film is rated G, so *most* kids will be just fine seeing it.

Disney's African Cats!
In theatres, Earth Day- April 22, 2011

Watch the trailer HERE!


sounds like a good flick!

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