A Reminder of Health

A reminder to ALL Moms.  A reminder to myself....

(Over the weekend i broke 3 ribs.  I feel dreadful.  And tired.  I also have a cold, which means coughing/sneezing/sleeping ALL suck!  And blogging and tweeting even hurt...)

This was an article that someone sent to me just before i injured myself.  I posted it on my Facebook to remind all Mommies out there that we need to take care of ourselves when ill.  We tend to discount how sick we are and muddle through, just because Mommies do not get many 'sick days'. 

As i sit here, loafing around in pain-- waiting for my best friend to arrive to help take care of my household, my kids and me (Read: I NEED someone to put on my socks for me-- and to help me up when i can't get up.  And DaddyO needs to work. Darn ribs!),  i remind you to take a load off.  If you have a cold, just sit the heck down.  Who cares how messy your house gets, it can all be fixed later.  Take a nice hot bath and remember that you too, are important.

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Manager to Mom said…
Hi SamiJoe! Another Canadian mama here! Found your blog through (I believe) a tweet about your Lay's giveaway (which I'll be entering today, woo!)

First of all, ouch! I wish you a speedy recovery! And it's so true that as mommies, our health can (but shouldn't) take a backseat!

Secondly, love your writing! I checked out your About page and you have a fascinating background and set of interests.

I'm following you now - feel free to check out my blog as well! I write about my daughter's development (she's 4 1/2 mths old), cloth diapering, reviews 'n' giveaways, frugality and other fun stuff. :)
Matty said…
Oh wow. I just came back from reading that article. What a shame, that's horrible.

Yes, you really do need to take care of yourself and not worry about taking care of everything and everyone else. I sure hope you get better soon.
Holy! That sucks. Take care of yourself.

Never mind..... too late!
TheFitHousewife said…
Sorry to hear about the broken ribs...I hear that is very painful...and now I don't doubt it after reading this! I'm glad you are getting some help...us moms always think we can save the world!
Pamela said…

How come us Mom's never learn our lesson until it is too late!?!? Than after awhile we go and forget again!!
(It does seem our health is always on the back burner!)
Can't think of much that feels worse than broken ribs...can't sleep, can't anything without pain. I feel bad for you...been there.

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