Wanna know your Royal Name?

Okay, i'll admit it...i am a fan of the Royal Family! I can hardly wait to drink tea all day on Friday-- and to enjoy one of the biggest events in recent history! When i was 4 years old, i remember getting up early to watch Lady Di and Prince Charles wed. Then again a few years later, for Fergie and Prince Andrew. It is likely, that i'll be one huge bag of tears watching Prince William wed Kate Middleton. (Pretty sure my kiddos will think i'm a whack-job, but oh well.)  I've grown up waiting to see who Wills might choose (i think Kate is a lot like his mummy!)!  What a day!

Do you think the Queen will choose to call Kate, Kate or Catherine?? I vote Catherine as it is very proper, but it'll be interesting to see what the Queen will choose for this 'common' gal.

Here's a bit of fun:
Want to know what you'd be called, if you joined the Royal Family??

Mine is (using my maiden name):
Baroness Samantha Hadley Preece berton of Calgaryham

Come back and tell me yours!


I got my pvr all set! I can't wait to see it! I bet she is called Catherine.
Obviously i think she should be called Catherine because that name is the bomb.

My royal name is Baroness Catherine Calthorpe Dabelsberton of Calgarybury

Calgarybury? Lame.
TheFitHousewife said…
You're gonna love this:

Jennifer Eugenia Tippingburton of Calgarypoo

JeanetteSchenk said…
I too have vivid memories of Charles and Di! I will be tuning in for sure! Coverage here begins at 4:30am; maybe I'll have the DVR on for standby! lol Great link, here is my royal name:
Baroness Jeanette Duckworth Schenkskitt of Burlingtonshire

Wonder where they got the DUCKworth from?!? lol
OOOh! I should've used my maiden name. That may have sounded more fancy. Here's mine....
Marchioness Sonja Tildsley Clarkskitt of Abbotsfordshire Thanks for the fun!
Julie said…
HM Queen Julie Prudence Leclairskitt of Ottawaport

But you can just call me Your Majesty. ;-)

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