Getting Tired...

It has been a little over three weeks since i broke a few ribs on my right hand side. Those three weeks have been filled with crap sleep and i am starting to get rather grouchy. *Sorry* those who love me. I am used to doing things for myself. I beat most 2/3years old at 'let me do it, i can do it!' I constantly must remind myself to sit down, take a load of, don't reach for that and for the love of sheesh... do not turn to look at the child behind you when you are driving! That is really painful! I have been given extra help (thank you Bestie!!), but she is gone now and i am living life. Poor me eh?

There is little one can do to make this whole broken-rib-thing comfortable. Aside from popping percacets (for which, i was given 5... and they are since long gone and obviously, i could NOT drive or do much of anything else on a perc!), i take ibuprofen while admitting it doesn't crack a dent.

I need to sleep people!

I need only 7 hours (though 8/9 hrs sounds nice too!), i ain't asking the world... but lying in bed actually hurts. A LOT. Not to mention, i stiffen up; making a quick pee trip agonizingly challenging. I do sleep, it is just not good sleep- you know? (And i am not totally into taking a pill to accomplish said sleep.)

I'll stop now.

The one thing i am really getting tired of however, is bandaging myself up- a la Gwyneth in "Shakespeare in Love". But it is the only thing that reminds me to not push it. And, it actually feels really nice to not have your ribs falling out all over the place.  But for real, i'd love to wear a bra again.  Good thing, i do not have huge knockers!

Just in case, you do not know the bandaging to which i refer... about 1:15 in.


JeanetteSchenk said…
Awww.. I can't even imagine what you are going through SamiJoe.. thinking of you!
I hope you mend well and fast, Sami. Thinking about you.
Unknown said…
Buz and I saw that movie years ago on Valentines Day. The perfect, romantic movie. Thanks for reminding me....I'll rent it again!' Ribs take FOREVER to heal. So sorry for your pain. Hope it eases sooner than later.
I don't know what you did to yourself but feel free to email me and let me know. If it's any consolation, and it absolutely won't be, I had three of my ribs cracked by a doctor while removing a baby from my belly. So I sort of know, but not really, what you're going through.

Cracked ribs hurt like a son of a b****. So I can sort of, almost, catch a glimpse of what broken ribs must feel like.

I do hope you get better soon. And also, I was on prescription Motrin for that which worked pretty dang good, especially while I slept, which was a post a natal, post c-section torture test. So maybe that's an option for now?

The drugs, not the c-section.
Matty said…
SamiJoe, never had broken ribs, but I have had torn muscles around the rib cage that was extrememly painful. So I can only imagine what you're going through. It's no fun at all. Sometimes I could hardly breathe, and laying and rolling was difficult.

Hang in there kiddo. Lots of pain killers and time, and soon you'll be back to normal.

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