A New Royal

Congratulations Wills & Catherine!
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

I woke up pretty darn early to catch the nuptuals live and i am so happy that i did.
Lovely, from start to finish.

Did you get up to watch the wedding?
Did you at least Pvr it?


I pvr'd it. I would never sacrifice my sleep for this gong show. I will watch it but not because i have any love for the royal family. It's because I find it all to be a bit of a train wreck. You know, the whole "can't look away" thing.
Ashley said…
I did not get up early, but I did DVR it, so plan to catch up this weekend! Although, I've seen all the pictures online today...just wanted to see the highly anticipated dress! Can you imagine having 2 billion people watching you? Crazy.
I did not watch, but I'm sure I'll catch some highlights. My mom watched and she said it was lovely.
Joy said…
I PVR'd it!!! I also watched highlights online yesterday, and I thought her dress was so perfect :) Did you watch when they had their first kiss on the balcony? (I believe thats the pic on your post) IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!! They both looked so giddy after :)
Unknown said…
We had loss of power issues here, but by 6 am I caught them in the carriage and on the balcony. Got to see bits and pieces thru the day and day after in the news. I got tears in my eyes as they said their vows....such a happy and lovely couple. Let's hope that they last longer than his parents did.

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