Happy Easter! *Photo of the Day*

Hunting for Easter eggs....
with his ass hanging out of his pants.

Unknown Mami

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Matty said…
That is just too funny. A perfect picture to show him years from now.
Keetha Broyles said…
Our s _ _ _ just all melted here last week.

So funny - - - he's bending over looking so hard for an egg and one is in plain view right behind him!
This picture CRACKS me up! hehehehehe

Happy Easter!
Unknown said…
hee-hee very cute! Happy Easter :)
I can't believe I just got mooned on Easter. Cute butt, though.
Sandra said…
I'm laughing loudly...and I really shouldn't be because I have children asleep all around me!
Erin said…
He was just showing you his Easter Treat! haha what a perfect shot!
Anonymous said…
Too cute!
Thanks for the giggle.

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