Guest Post: Miracles Do Happen Part:1

Forward: Have you or someone you know had trouble conceiving?  It is a most unbelievable experience, when for most of our lives we grow up believing how truly easy it IS to get pregnant.  But when one can't, the rollercoaster ride is full of emotion and sadness. Please welcome Tara- a guest blogger who has a pretty amazing story to tell.

I can’t say our story is a new one, but it is definitely one not shared in society very often and definitely one my husband and I never thought would become ours.

We were married in June 2006 and had the same dreams as most newly married couples: travel, pay off our debts and start a family. In September 2006, my husband was hit by a drunk driver and seriously injured;  spending the next 3 months in the hospital and another 7-8 months from there at home on disability, regularly attending specialized doctor’s appointments and physiotherapy.

While his healing progressed, we decided that life was too precious to wait and we started trying for a family. After 18 months of being unsuccessful and finally being seen at the fertility clinic, it was determined that the car accident had taken away our chances of conceiving a child on our own and we would have to continue forward with a donor option. Honestly, as heart breaking as it was to hear and as much anger as it brought back regarding the drunk driver, we both knew we would not let it determine how the rest of our lives played out. We both wanted a family more than anything, no matter what options we had too look at.

After 5 failed IUI (inter uterus insemination) attempts, 2 failed IVF (invitro fertilization) attempts (over 4 years) we were drained; both emotionally and financially.  We knew that there was still a family in our story to be had and after some research, we decided to move forward with the adoption process. By December 2010 we had completed our adoption process and had been approved. It felt wonderful to know that there was going to be a light at the end of our seemingly dark tunnel!  Even though we didn’t know when, we knew that there was a beautiful child out there for us and waiting didn’t seem so hard anymore.

In the midst of the adoption excitement we were contacted by the fertility clinic informing us that we still had one donor sample remaining and our “free” storage on it was coming to an end.  We needed to decide if we would like to continue the storage for a fee, use the sample, donate the sample or destroy the sample. Knowing we had already put a lot of money into the purchase and previous attempts and no longer having that feeling of loss (with the knowledge of an adoption in our future), we talked about it and thought “why not use it? what did we have to lose?”.

A few weeks later we took a pregnancy test  not really expecting anything and very used to it showing negative for the last 4.5 years.  To our surprise, 2 little pink lines showed up!  We couldn’t believe our eyes!  It was positive and we, of course, proceeded to take 4 more at home tests... and a doctors appointment to assure ourselves it was real and we were not crazy!  It was a MIRACLE-- we were PREGNANT : ) !

At 7 weeks we had our first ultrasound. We were so excited to see the little person we had created inside. The ultrasound seemed to take forever and we both were starting to get a bit nervous.  The tech didn’t say a word the whole time either.  I just kept praying that everything was alright and I was just letting my nerves get to me. Well let me tell you... We were way off!  Not only was everything okay, but the reason it took so long was because 'Baby A' was not alone. There was also a 'Baby B'-   We were pregnant with TWINS!

Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined we'd be so overwhelmingly blessed. Those years of loss were so hard. We hope our story is of help to others struggling as we had.  Never give up.

~is a 30 years old, local, soon-to-be-Mommy of twins!

*To read Part 2, click HERE*


These stories never cease to make me cry. I have four kids and between three and four I lost two babies and one of those losses just about took my life. I tried for number four for a year. It felt like a lifetime. It was the only time I ever really caught a glimpse of what couples who struggle with infertility go through. Because I already had three I never reached any point of dismay or devastation. I am one of the fortunate who never had to "wait" for a baby.

I have my own burdens to bear but I am truly grateful infertility was not one of them. This story was heartwarming and beautiful. And congrats to mama to be of twins Tara. Two babies at once is an amazing gift and an exciting thing.

I hope Sami will keep us posted.
Stephanie Z said…
People don't talk about infertility enough. They just don't. When we started trying in 2004 for our first child, at the age of 25, I never dreamed we would end up at a fertility clinic. But we did. We were one of those rare couples that both had issues to deal with. It rocked our relationship, it tested us in ways I never thought it would. In 2006 our beautiful daughter was born, after being told we would NEVER conceive without assistance. We were given literally, a .01% chance of ever having a child without IVF.
When our girl was 10 months old, we started trying for #2. We went back to the fertility clinic after 6 months of trying, did IUI and got pregnant...only to find out the pregnancy was not viable. The heartache of having a miscarriage when you struggle hard to get pregnant is like no pain I have felt before. I shut down, emotionally, I was a basketcase at work. I cried, a lot.
By some miracle, we conceived our son on the next cycle.
I share this story with you, and your readers, so that people can become educated in infertility struggles. It doesn't just happen to 40 year old women who waited to have kids. No, it happens to many people. 25 year old couples with big dreams.

I love reading these miracle stories. My two beautiful children are definately miracles. I feel so blessed to have been given them.
TheFitHousewife said…
What a wonderful post! Makes the miracle of children so much more special. Thanks for sharing!
Rebecca said…
I totally believe in Miracles...pray for us. Please
Tara said…
I am so happy I can share my story and thank you so much for all your comments and story sharing. Rebecca I will pray for you as others prayed for us! I wish every one of you all of lifes little Miracles!
Kerry said…
What a beautiful story I am so happy for you all. Babies, babies, babies!!! Please keep us posted and thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
This post gave me goosebumps. As I read the previous comments, my eyes filled with tears. Yes, Rebbeca, I will pray with you and for you, for peace in the waiting, for acceptance of whatever happens, and for joy in living no matter what. Great post, Sami.
Anonymous said…
be happy and love. kiss

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