A Birthday Party

My little Beebo turned five years old this past March. How does time go by so fast? It was very hard to believe that we had reached this milestone. Five whole years with kids- Wow!

All emotions aside, Beebo had not had a proper shindig since age one. Family had always decorated the day, but the little lass needed a BIG-age 5 kinda day! Blessed with a big space to host our day at home, DaddyO and i decided to rent a Bouncy-type house for the event. After all, it was still very much winter here and what-to-do with all of these kids!?

I began the research for a bouncer, soon realizing that Calgary was very much filled with rental companies. All prices seemed to be very similar. All products and styles were also very similar. Whose was best and cheapest wasn't the only issue, availability played a bigger role (can we say procrastination?).

The problem: No company returned my calls. Okay, i lied- one company did.... about 36 hours after i inquired. I am sorry, but these days, i really do not have that kind of time. I move on. I continue the research and continue the inquiries. Company after company, i was searching for the piece to my puzzle.

Enter "Bouncy Town Party Rentals". When i reached their website, i was ecstatic! Their bouncers were different and they provided videos of their bouncers in action!

They even....(wait for it) had a site capable of confirming date, time and bouncer---ALL without calling anyone! How efficient is that?

The whole process of booking with Bouncy Town Party Rentals was seamless. Within only a few short minutes, i was able to finish this part of the party planning. The company emailed me a receipt of booking quickly and followed up later in the week to confirm the details.

The bouncer was delivered on time the day of the party and set up by the delivery driver. All the kiddos had a fantastic time--- albeit me, huffing and puffing with worry that someone may get hurt. I get a little queasy around trampolines (limbs broken, nose bleeds ACK) and being responsible for all of these little bodies was nerve wracking. But that was my issue.... (wimp!)

Thank you Bouncy Town Party Rentals, for realizing that the way to a customers heart these days is online. I fully appreciated the service you provided and I was certainly pleased to not have to play the 'waiting game'.

Would i recommend Bouncy Town Party Rentals to my friends?? Of course.

Would i order again? Of course.

If you live in Calgary and area, and have a bouncy-rental need (private or public), please contact Mark & Jasmine on their fantastic website http://www.bouncytown.ca/ . I promise that you'll be as happy with the services they provide as i was.

*Peek Thru Our Window decided to write this review based solely on exceptional service. No compensation was provided by Bouncy Town Party Rentals. I simply wanted to share this fantastic company with Calgary and my readers.


TheFitHousewife said…
Not sure my living room could fit that beast...I'll have to wait until summer!

I know what you mean about customer service....I'm glad you found a reliable company...I'll probably be calling them in the future!
Dee said…
Wow, that is the coolest, biggest bouncy apparatus I've ever seen! The kids must have gone nuts!
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