Sunday In My City~ Airborne

A fantastic opportunity presented to fly over our house...

and into the Rockies!

Xman was a little apprehensive about the tiny plane...
but had a super time!  Even took a short nap!

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Unknown Mami

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He's thinking, "I wonder if I could pee out the window?"

Lisa said…
WOW! How cool is that!!!!! Unknown Mami has me bet :) I can't think of anything anymore...LOL
Joanna Jenkins said…
What a view!!!
Happy weekend, jj
Lisa said…
Awesome. Have fun and Happy Sunday.
So cool! I think he is saying Omg...Mom these things on my ears are huge...can we keep them! Have a great Sunday!
Rebecca said…
I wonder if I can pee out the window?
Rebecca said…
....let it be known that I first thought pee out the window, I clicked on comment and typed my comment....and then I read the rest of the comments.

Thanks Unknown Mami, you beat me to it! Looks like Lisa beat me to it too.
Unknown said…
With that devilish grin, he's thinking to himself, "I'm too sexy for these headphones."
qandlequeen said…
It's so much fun to try to find your house from the airplane!

You can tell from the comments who has boys at home!

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